I just downloaded and started experimenting with Jureeka for Firefox. This add-on inserts a small tool bar that you can use to find cases, statutes and regulations by entering a citation. Jureeka also hyperlinks citations in documents, which you can then click on and go to the document. In my testing, Jureeka worked very well with US, F2d, F3d, CFR and USC citations. The site recently added state cases for the past 10 years, however, these citations did not work as well for me. Jureeka also includes a “bug” report button. Since Jureeka relies on free legal information, this button can be used to notify the creators of broken links.

Creator, Michael Poulshock, is also working an a legal information expert system that allows lawyers and law students to create an if-then “rules” knowledge base, and the public to search for answers to common legal questions. The site then pays the creator based on the number of times the “rule” is used. The demo on the site is based on the FMLA. You walk through a series of yes/no questions, and then get an answer with a Certainty Factor indicating how confident the system is in the answer. I tried to search the knowledge base for other rules, but couldn’t find anything.

I find both of these concepts very interesting, and believe that the Jureeka Firefox add-on could have a huge impact on how legal research is conducted on the web. I will defintely keep testing this tool, and will report back as it is updated.


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