Update: A Softer Side?

Some not surprising results from an October 7 survey:

300 attorneys were asked, “If you could change one aspect of your job as a lawyer, which one of the following would it be?” Their responses:

  • Decreased job stress 31%
  • Less hours at work or more personal time 30%
  • Accelerated career growth 14%
  • Greater professional autonomy 5%
  • Increased on-the-job training 3%
  • Higher salaries/compensation 2%
  • Other 5%
  • Nothing 8%
  • Don’t know 2%

I find a few of these numbers very interesting. First, the top two answers are basically tied, and are the overwhelming choices. It makes me wonder if there are small changes that a firm could make to increase the work/life balance. Perhaps implementing a full-fledged program is not in the cards for your firm, but how about some small steps.

Second, money was rated as the least important change. This says to me that, given a choice, the surveyed lawyers would prefer a better work-life balance instead of more money. No real surprise there, “more money” is almost always at the bottom of any employment survey, “recognition” is usually in the mix, but we don’t see that here.

Third, “increased on the job training” got a very low score, however, I believe that there is a direct correlation between training and “decreased job stress.” It would have been interesting to have the surveyed attorneys describe what would help them with job stress.


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