An Inspiration to Start the Week

Seth Godin presented at the SLA annual meeting this year, and he was amazing. I have been subscribing to his blog ever since. Thought-provoking posts are regularly featured, and this one from Friday was no different…enjoy!

“Everyone isn’t going to be a leader. But everyone isn’t going to be successful, either.

Success is now the domain of people who lead. That doesn’t mean they’re in charge, it doesn’t mean they are the CEO, it merely means that for a group, even a small group, they show the way, they spread ideas, they make change. Those people are the only successful people we’ve got.”

Seth’s Blog


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One response to “An Inspiration to Start the Week

  1. I love this quote! Especially right now when we lack such leadership in our government and a lot of our corporations, I like how this calls on us to be leaders in our groups. Change happens that way and it is up to us to make it happen.

    Thanks for passing this on!

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