A Look Back & Looking Forward

We closed out the year with exactly three months of business under our belts. In that short time, much has changed and we have learned a lot. Since this is a typical time for reflection, we thought we would share what we’ve learned and make you an offer.

1) Be flexible.
When we started this business new associate attrition was one of the top concerns of law firm management. This concern has evaporated in light of the new economy, and others have become more prominent, such as the continuing high cost of fee-based legal resources.

2) To look at information resources with fresh eyes.
Legal research has been held hostage by tradition, even though we are living in a new age. Oftentimes we continue to provide the same services and resources merely because that’s the way it’s always been done. There is nothing wrong with taking a chance on offering something new or canceling something you’ve always had; you can always reorder.

3) Information resources must be looked at holistically, regardless of media or source.
Law firms are realizing that all of their resources are interconnected, whether online, print or internal everything must work together to provide value to the user.

4) Importance of social networking for legal professionals.
Sharing information directly via the web has become a phenomenon. Tools like Twitter and LinkedIn allow lawyers to share and market themselves like never before. Where is this going? Who knows, but the journey will definitely be interesting.

5) Constant vigilance of the information resources spend.
Law firm costs are being scrutinized like never before, and this includes information resources. We are astonished at the amount of savings realized by some clients, in a short amount of time. Interested in seeing what Cable&Clark can do for you? Contact us for a free preliminary analysis of your 2008 numbers.


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