Staff Cuts: A Good Idea?

Cutting staff to save money can be a good idea in two situations, first, the firm has reduced attorney count, so the corresponding staff is also reduced. Second, only after all other possibilities have been explored. Has the firm truly looked for ways to cut costs on the operations side, without sacrificing levels of service?

In a recent article from the National Law Journal, the author argues that “Arbitrary cuts in key departments, such as marketing and technology, could ultimately hurt the firm by undermining efficiency and long-term growth plans.” There are many other service areas, such as library services, that could be added to that list. Rebuilding these departments when the economy turns will be very difficult for some firms. This puts them permanently behind the curve.

Are you doing everything you can to review expenditures prior to making staff cuts? Expense reduction on a contingent basis, is a win-win proposition for the firm. If expenses aren’t reduced than no fees are paid. We have recently helped several firms save over $1 million on library services alone, and have partnered with other consultants to achieve significant savings in other areas.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation review of your library services expenditures.


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