Pacer Brouhaha

Pacer is getting a lot of press these days, and it isn’t pretty. First, Carl Malamud, of recent Pacer fame (also our prior post), has launched a campaign to be appointed Public Printer. In addition to 709 endorsements, Mr. Malamud has also submitted a detailed series of policy statements. If Mr. Malamud were to be appointed, it certainly would fit under the “change” mantra of President Obama’s campaign.

Second, Senator Joe Lieberman has written a letter to the Judicial Conference of the United States to ask whether the Pacer system is in compliance with the E-Government Act of 2002. Pacer currently charges .08 cents per page, which doesn’t seem like much but it definitely adds up. In addition, Pacer is clunky and offers very few search options.

Let’s hope that this brouhaha leads to some really changes to docket research.


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