Legal Professionals and Web 2.0

The legal profession has been slow to adopt many Web 2.0 technologies, but we are getting there. A recent survey by CCH found that:

  • 59% use Web 2.0 technology at least once per week – most use it for professional purposes
  • 54% of social media usage is for professional research
  • 72% of professionals value information from peers as much as something published in a book

In 2008, the ABA Legal Technology Report wasn’t so promising (see Web 2.0 Still a No-go), but the complete 2009 Survey was recently released, and there have been some big changes:

  • When asked whether their firms maintain a presence in an online community/social network such as Facebook, LinkedIn, LawLink, or Legal OnRamp, overall twelve percent (12%) of respondents report affirmatively, up from 4% in the 2008 survey
  • When asked whether they personally maintain a presence in an online community/social network such as Facebook, LinkedIn, LawLink, or Legal OnRamp, overall, 43% of respondents answered affirmatively, almost three times the percentage (15%) in the 2008 survey

We still have a long way to go, but I think that most in the profession are open to learning more about new technologies that will improve their practice and service to clients. I recently showed my Google Reader to an attorney who confessed that he did not know what I meant when I asked him about receiving information via an RSS feed. Once I showed it to him and explained how it would help cut down on email, he was hooked.

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