Berring Post on ‘Free Legal Information’ Generates Spirited Debate

A recent post featuring a video of Bob Berring discussing free legal information on the Thomson Reuters blog has stirred up debate in the comments. Charges by Carl Malamud that Bob is a “paid spokesman” for West ignited the comments, and prompted this response from Bob:

  • I am troubled by the comments impugning my ethics and moral bona fides. The statements are false. I am not a spokesperson for West, nor was I compensated for my remarks. They were made as part of video tribute being put together for the 2009 AALL meeting. The beauty of being an old, tenured professor is that one can say just what one means. And I did. You might contend that I am off base, but I say what I believe to be true. The issues are worth discussing. Ad hominen attacks don’t add much to that discussion.

The result: an offer from Ed Walters to hold a ‘summit’ in Washington, DC to discuss the issues. I hope that they post a video of that meeting!


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