You Gotta Love a Catchy Title or Westlaw is a Gateway Drug

I found this blog post through one of my Google alerts, and the title just reeled me right in. I enjoyed reading about Mr. Perlin’s introduction to “excluded” charges via his $1,800 foray into South Carolina primary law. No doubt many would find this a relatively inexpensive lesson as we’ve seen much worse. That said, it is never fun to realize that you’ve cost a client or the firm thousands of dollars, especially if the content wasn’t even unique or special.

Mr. Perlin was recently reminded of this mistake because he got a notice that he would soon be trained on WestlawNext, and being the admitted addict that he is, he is “eager to test drive WestlawNext and to explore all the new, shiny bells and whistles that are sure to keep [him] hooked.”

I wanted to take this opportunity to caution Mr. Perlin to fully explore the pricing before he samples the goods. Unfortunately, Westlaw did not update its pricing structure to fully match its shiny new product, and we are stuck with the same old transactional and hourly pricing that is sure to lead to more costly mistakes. I have a feeling that we will wax nostalgic for those costing only $1,800…


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