Twitter and the Top 20

I’ve read several posts recently about Twitter and law firms. Although this topic has been around for the last couple of years, it seems like the importance of Twitter is part of the conversation again. One post in particular caught my eye, because it made so much sense. In her post,  Amy Campbell outlines five quick and easy reasons why law firms should have a Twitter presence.

The list:

  1. Protect your brand.
  2. People are listening.
  3. Search engines eat it up.
  4. The best way to learn it is to do it.
  5. Build your Twitter infrastructure and network now, for when you need it later.

I think that these five reasons are easy to understand, and make Twitter a ‘no-brainer’ for any business. So how many of the largest law firms are really using Twitter…or is it something that is still too cutting edge? I did a quick survey the 2009 top 20 AMLAW firms, just to see where we are:

It appears to me that only six of the 20  are using Twitter in any meaningful way, and four more have just dipped a toe in the stream. Four of the firms I could not find on Twitter at all, and six others appear to have reserved their handles, but aren’t using them. For example @whiteandcaseLLP is a valid account, but it is locked. Is this the real White &Case, or has a Twitter squatter (or sqwitter) reserved the handle  in violation of Twitter policy? As Amy points out on her post,  at a minimum these firms should be protecting their brands on Twitter.

Of those who are taking full advantage of Twitter, only one firm, McDermott Will, mentions their Twitter presence on their web site: one short sentence on their ‘Contact Us’ page. Considering the fact that Reed Smith has almost 1,000 tweets, I am especially surprised that they do not mention Twitter on their site. Why are these firms not promoting their Twitter updates in a more prominent way?

What’s going on beyond the top 20? Here is a Twitter list that Amy put together of firms that tweet. Also, JDSupra created a  list of legal professionals on Twitter in 2008. The size of the original list, 145, has grown exponentially over that last two years. The latest update was in August of 2009, and the list stood at 750.

I would love to hear from any of the top 20 firms mentioned in my list, especially if I got something wrong about their Twitter presence. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to jump into Twitter and give it a try!


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3 responses to “Twitter and the Top 20

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  2. There are plenty of lawyers from big firms on Twitter. I’m not sure how much it makes sense for a big firm (the firm itself) to have a real presence on Twitter.

    You could just have a bot (or person) that retweets blog posts and firm news, but beyond this, what’s the point. It would mostly be a PR tool and I’m not sure anyone’s going to get much mileage out of that. I can’t see people really engaging in conversation with @kirkland_ellis. And what would they say back even if someone engaged in conversation? Who would do the tweeting?

    I’ve noticed a sharp decline in the use of Twitter by lawyers (over the last 6 mos). (Anecdotal observation obviously.)

  3. Here is my Jan 2009 blog post about law firms on Twitter:
    It’s interesting to see how many more followers some of the firms have today than they did back then.

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