I Need a Definition for Obscene…

As Justice Potter Stewart said in the 1964 case of Jacobellis v. Ohio:  “…I know it when I see it…”. Of course he was referring to obscenity in a movie, but I suppose that many would find these prices “obscene”.

Paul Lomio recently received a brochure for the California Official Reports from LexisNexis. The brochure included pricing:

  • California Official Reports: Supreme Court Bound Volumes…$ 22.30
  • California Official Reports: Appellate Court Bound Volumes…$ 22.30

I verified this pricing on the LexisNexis bookstore. He compares this pricing to his last invoice for a volume of West’s California Reporter 3d:

  • West’s California Reporter…$ 195.50

I went to the West online store and found some interesting pricing. You can buy an entire set of Cal.3d for $2,415 for 110 volumes or $21.45 each. However, the per volume prices are as follows:

  • Volumes 1 to 37….$111.000
  • Volumes 38 to 110…$260.00

I have no idea what happened between volumes 37 and 38 that would cause the pricing to more than DOUBLE.

I suppose Paul should take some comfort in the fact that he is getting a 25% “discount”! Yeah…?


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