A Look at What’s to Come?

LexisNexis has recently launched a new interface for its Academic product. In a quick review posted on Information Today, Marydee Ojala sums up the changes and the strategy behind the new design and posts some screenshots.

She states that the product “reflects a shift in what both students and librarians expect in a search interface. They assume there will be guidance and pre-processing in search strategy construction. It’s more about getting directly to an answer than concentrating on search development.” (emphasis added)

Alistair  Morrison, Director of Product Planning,  is also quoted as saying,  “Those who are introduced to LexisNexis Scholastic in their high schools will find it easy to use LexisNexis Academic when they get to college.” I assume that this also means that when they get to law school the familiarity of the LexisNexis brand will increase usage, which then translates into their career preference.

This makes me wonder if the new Lexis legal platform will look similar to the screenshots posted? A vision of what’s to come perhaps?


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