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Change anyone?

Everyone knows that change is inevitable. For law firms and their law libraries, significant change has occurred over the last decade and will continue for the unforeseen future. Change is a necessity for survival.

I’ve been an advocate of and embraced change my whole life … from Iowa farm girl to my job now, advocating for and supporting libraries as they transition to serve the modern needs of their constituents.

Change impacts us here at Cable&Clark too. After years of friendship and professional collaboration, our well-respected colleague Colleen Cable is leaving the company and law firm library consulting. For those of us at C&C who have worked with her over the years, we mourn her loss and the many times of laughter-filled, day-to-day interactions. We will miss Colleen and wish her much success in her new life endeavors.

As sad as it is to say goodbye to a long-time team member, we know that change is inevitable, is a necessity and an opportunity to embrace change as “life made different.”

Life is being “made different” in another big way for us at C&C. We are evolving as a company in ways to best serve the changing realities of our clients. Because of our industry experience and work from the inside, we are well-equipped to recognize opportunity in change — and to embrace innovation.

This openness to transformation is leading us in wholly new directions. C&C will continue to partner with law firms to increase profitability and develop innovative information strategies for library services and legal research, but we are developing exciting new ways to deliver these services to law firms.

We are proud to introduce our first major innovation in the launch of Topaz Research. Topaz is an exciting new smartware application that puts unprecedented control in the hands of law firms, helping them intelligently and seamlessly manage, track and leverage law library resources and legal research. For more about Topaz, please visit or feel free to contact us at C&C.

STAY TUNED! In my next post, I’ll briefly share how Topaz Research evolved and the way it is transforming the practice of law through intelligent legal research.

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Things change, life can go on even better than before with the right attitude

Even though some changes in life are a long time in the planning, when the time actually comes to implement the change our human instinct is to resist. However, at C&C we collectively agree that change has sparked amazing opportunity for all of us and our clients in our years of working together.

We could continue to on with the same-old, same old, but where does that get us?

Changes are a-coming…so, stay tuned!

In the meantime, we want to share the eulogy for Steve Jobs as given by his sister. It makes one stop and think about what you are doing today, tomorrow and for the years to come…


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