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A Major Shift – Transforming the Practice of Law

We at Cable&Clark have evolved over the years, adapting to change and market needs. Right now, we are going through a major shift in our business model — a model that changes that way we deliver our services to clients and, more importantly, puts greater control in the hands of law firms.  We believe this makes the greatest market sense, and after several years of working in the industry, firmly believe that law firms are primed and ready for this shift.

At C&C, we got people thinking. We got our clients to change their perceptions of the law library and to view it in a new, modern way with unlimited potential. We shared knowledge and trained staff with skills to implement new procedures and processes on their own.

We’ve been preaching various concepts for years with our clients, but oftentimes libraries don’t have the resources or know-how available to facilitate new ways of monitoring, distributing and strategically planning the effective use of the offered resources.  So, instead of talk, we decided to put these best practices, strategies and concepts into action through Topaz Research, an integrated platform where legal research takes place.

There is a lot we have learned through the years – what attorneys need in the new world of law, what firm business leaders need from their library business leaders and to quote a favorite CFO, “Why does the library cost so damn much?”  Topaz was created to answer these questions and more. Topaz introduces an unprecedented level of intelligent legal research management that is defined by your firm’s different users and needs.

In this way, Topaz represents a major shift – transforming the practice of law with intelligent legal research. Law firms now have access to a tool that gives them the power to implement streamlined processes and procedures, manage information distribution and procurement in a wholly integrated environment, and perform critical decision-making on-the-fly for resource management and cost containment.

If you would like to find out more about Topaz or would like to test drive it for your law firm, email me, Sarah Clark Kavanagh.

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