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Friday Fun: Let’s Go Bowling

It’s almost the end of National Bowling week, so why not celebrate with a free game! Tomorrow you can participate in an attempt at breaking the World Record for number of games bowled in 24 hours.

I love bowling…except those gutter balls!

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Friday Fun: Book = Cool

All things “old” are “cool” again:


it means cool

When you see book in a text message, it usually means cool, because book often comes up when people try to type cool using predictive text. It is online jargon, also known as text message shorthand, used in texting, online chat, instant messaging, email, blogs, and newsgroup postings.


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Friday Fun: Three Day Conference in 19 Tweets

What a great way to summarize a conference. Geri L. Dreiling at Legal Media Matters, summarized the recent Missouri Bar’s Solo and Small Firm Conference into 19 tweets:

1. Use Acrobat Typewriter Tool to fill in “nonfillable” forms.

2. Need to send a large attachment? YouSendIt or Megaupload.

3. If you want to follow a site that doesn’t have RSS, use Page2rss.

4. Avoid eye strain when trying to read websites by using Readability.

5. Check out the iPhone J.D. blog.

6. Want to avoid endless e-mails to set up meetings? MeetingWizard.com.

7. Why not save client money by having motion docket via video conference?

8. Speaker asks: Why aren’t lawyers lobbying courts about antiquated time-wasting processes?

9. Hourly billing can operate as a disincentive for law firms to modernize.

10. 2009 was a big year for alternative fee arrangements between Big Law and corporations.

11. Want to see your phone on desk top? Sparus EveryWAN.

12. TrueCrypt is an open-source free program to encrypt hard drive.

13. Need to meet with out-of-state property expert? Combine GoToMeeting, Skype and Google Earth.

14. YouSendIt is a good way to share docs and video, plus it provides a record of who opened it.

15. Freeconferencecall.com: A free tool that saved one lawyer’s ski trip.

16. Giveawayoftheday.com: Free license to one shareware program each day.

17. For real estate lawyers, Google Earth is a good research tool and has been used at trial.

18. Mozilla Firefox is a great browser that also has fantastic add-ons.

19. More solo lawyers are moving to virtual practices. It cuts overhead, and more clients are embracing meetings via Skype.

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I Can’t Just Call it A “Book”…


Slang for a good old fashioned printed book (as opposed to an e-book).

Courtesy of NetLingo.

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“Second Life” for Old Books

Why not make a book into a book bag? What a great idea for those Reporters and Statutes that everyone has lying around.

Check out these great styles from BookBags, a company founded by a law librarian.

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Friday Fun: Librarians Will Save the World…Again

I’ve written about librarian heroes several times in the past, such as here. But now a new book is out that takes the reader deep into our world and demonstrates that librarians “are FIERCE” (per a reviewer on Amazon). I’ve already got my copy downloaded on my Kindle, and I’ll post a review as soon as I’m done reading it (in the middle of The Count of Monte Cristo right now).

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Friday Fun: Layoff Memo

Recognizing that we all need a dose of levity during these trying times, the Wall Street Journal recently posted a memo written by Jeremy Blachman, founder of the very funny Anonymous Lawyer blog.

I hope this helps kick off your weekend with a smile.

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Friday Fun: Top Ten Most Frequently Accessed Cases

LexisONE has compiled an interesting list of the most accessed Supreme Court cases. You might be surprised about which cases are on the list and those that aren’t.

Click here for the complete list.

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Friday Fun: Even Han Solo Spends A Lot on Legal Research

Check out this Courtoon…hopefully Boba Fett was sympathetic.

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Friday Fun: World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

These libraries take my breath away. Enjoy browsing these stunning pictures.

Hat tip to iBraryGuy (also known as John Digilio)

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